Watkin’s Glen (July 2-4)

This was our first time attending the Watkin’s Glen race.  Since this venue might not be on schedule next year, it could also be our last.  The Glen is a large permanent road course in the Finger Lakes region of New York.  It’s a beautiful area and relatively close to Toronto, the next city on the schedule.  Unfortunately, two weeks separate the two races so we ended up planning a rather ambitious itinerary in order to fill the time and not drive back home in between.

We started driving early on July 1st and made it to Corning right around lunch time the next day.  We allowed two days for the drive and did attempt sleeping at a hotel in Pennsylvania, checking in just before 1 am and checking out less than 7 hours later.  I’m not sure it was worth stopping.

Highlights of the weekend included a visit to The Corning Museum of Glass (AMAZING), two great dinners in Corning and the brand new Hampton Inn where we stayed.  Nicest.  Hampton.  Ever.  As nice as a lot of higher end hotels we’ve stayed at.  Unfortunately the weather continued its 10 + degrees above normal trend and there is almost nowhere to sit in the shade at the track.  On race day, we sat in the car for over an hour with the A/C running and the sunshade up so we could eat lunch in comfort.  Got a lot of interesting looks from people passing by.  Once again, I ended up with a heat rash on my arms.  Really getting tired of that.

Race results – Dario 3rd, Scott 8th.  At least we made it to the podium.

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