Texas (June 4-5)

Texas is hot.  Really, really hot.  On race day (June 5th) the temperature hits 105 degrees, about 15 over normal.  It’s a night race, so in theory it should be cooler, but I doubt it dropped below 90 before the race was over.  Our hotel is a Fairfield Inn in Denton.  On the plus side, the A/C seems up to the task.  Something I normally take for granted.  Future race weekends will prove this assumption to be sadly naive.  Also on the plus side, there are several good restaurants nearby, including an excellent Thai place.  We ate there twice over the weekend.  On the minus side, it turns out that Denton is in a “damp” county.  This means every gas station and convenience store sells wine and beer, but there are no liquor stores and no hard liquor available.  Meaning, no vodka.  Major bummer.  Despite the slathering of SPF 60 sunscreen I end up with a heat rash on my arms.  I’m having a hard time understanding why anyone lives in Texas.

If you happen to find yourself near Denton and you like Thai food, be sure to visit Thai Ocha.  I’m sure the weather is lovely at some point in the year, February maybe.

Race results – Scott 4th, Dario 5th.  On the plus side, Dario leads the championship points standings coming out of the race.

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