And Just Like That

…it’s March. How did that happen? Of course you’d never know it from the obscene amount of snow outside and the bitterly cold temperature. We not only crushed the record for February snowfall by more than a foot, we ended up with the fourth snowiest month in recorded history. Now we’re poised to have the coldest recorded low temperature for March this weekend.

So in the interest of not losing my mind, I’m trying to keep busy. Yesterday I delivered the additional 12 framed images to the Parade house and got everything hung. The builder agreed to take care of the hanging, by which they meant providing me with someone to wield the hammer. He’s their best trim guy, so the measuring and hammering was a snap. I had everything laid out before he arrived and it took us about 45 minutes to get 15 pieces on the wall.

It looks pretty awesome and I’m a little nervous/anxious to see what kind of response I get. The show opens tomorrow at noon and I’ll be stopping by just before they let in the public to make sure everything looks good. Plus bringing a list of the titles. Titling abstract art is always a struggle, but I’m starting to get more comfortable with it.

Violet Dust Scattering (After the Symphony)

This is the final image in the series of ten I submitted to MCFTA. The submission deadline is today. I called them yesterday to confirm that I shouldn’t be expecting a “yes, we got your entry” email response. I ended up having a nice chat with one of the people who will be judging. Apparently they don’t look at any submissions until everything has been received. He also warned me that the other judge would immediately disqualify any photos if they looked anything like the subject matter. I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.

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