Crushing It

I didn’t mean to keep you in suspense, but of course I managed to get everything done. That’s just how I roll. The last piece for our builder was framed yesterday. I even completed three things for our house, so that’s 18 items framed in 6 days. My personal best was just over 20 minutes for one frame.

It took two service calls, but my printer now appears to be back in action. The technician spent nearly four hours at our house on Thursday afternoon. I did ten large prints with no issues after he left, but after one print on Friday morning I received the same mechanical error. Fortunately, he left the problem ticket open so he could come back without my making another service call to Epson.

I also ordered 1000 business cards and wrote a short bio. The cards are scheduled to arrive by Wednesday. I should be delivering the art on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning. Meanwhile, the ten additional frames I’ll need for the MCFTA exhibit arrived on Friday.

Seafoam Mist Settling (After the Symphony)

My strategy is to have the images in the Parade house available for purchase at the end of the show, which is March 31st. I should know after the first two weekends if there’s any serious interest and have an idea of how much framing material to order. Funny thing is, the least scary scenario is not selling anything. I can deal with status quo.

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