Mad, Mad Week

Things have been a little crazy around here over the past week. After a bit of back and forth with our builder, I finally received clarification on exactly where I could stage some of my artwork in their show home. That was just Monday afternoon and the house opens a week from tomorrow. So I quickly framed three images and brought them to the house on Tuesday to determine how many pieces were needed.

In order to fill the spaces with the limited frame sizes I have available, I need to provide 15 items in total. To make matters worse, my printer started throwing a mechanical error after every few prints. Monday afternoon I called Epson technical support. Turns out, I had exactly two weeks left on the warranty.

So there I sat on Tuesday afternoon with 3 of 15 framed images completed and a glitchy printer, with a commitment to deliver everything within 10 days. Would I be able to get everything finished in time? Stay tuned.

Peach Lightning Striking (After the Symphony)

Here’s another one of my entries for the abstract art exhibit at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts. I submitted everything on Monday. Wish me luck.

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