Exhibition Submission

The Minnetonka Center for the Arts, where I attended the abstract photography class last summer, is currently accepting submissions for an abstract exhibition in April. The submission asks for 10 cohesive pieces, as they want to exhibit small collections rather than individual items from a bunch of different artists.

I’ve printed 10 selections from my After the Symphony collection sized to 16×16 inches. I’m always nervous that the images won’t hold up in a larger size, but I can honestly say these are even better than the 8×8 test prints I did. So now I have framing materials coming (today or tomorrow) and I scheduled my framing lesson for next Tuesday. The creative engine keeps cranking.

I even gave them titles. Real titles, which is always a struggle for me. I’ve already featured two here, so I went back and updated the captions. The posts were on January 19th and 22nd, if you’re curious.

Aubergine Rain Falling (After the Symphony)

I have until March 1st to submit, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have it in by the end of next week. I’ve got the images ready to go, I just have to commit to pricing as part of the submission. Which I’ll dither about and then come back to the original number I had in my head. Such is life.

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