Harder Than It Looks

I took an abstract painting class last week. Making random art with paint is a lot harder than it looks. People who claim their toddler can paint better than Jackson Pollock have no idea what they’re talking about. But it was fun, the instructor was fantastic and I’d do another one in a heartbeat.

I brought some of my abstract images for inspiration. What I ended up with looked nothing like the starting point, but it gave me a better result than just randomly applying paint. What I really want to try is mixed media, specifically layering paint over some of my abstract photographic images. All in good time.

Meanwhile, I picked up my custom glass at the local art supply store and received notice that my large order of framing supplies has shipped and is due to arrive Thursday. I started printing large format yesterday. There’s a limit to how many I can produce at a time, since I don’t have a lot of flat surface area that is safe from the cat.

Untitled (After the Symphony)

I was a little nervous about how the images would look when I printed them in larger sizes, but they are coming out even better than the small ones. I did find a speck of sensor dust on one image that was not apparent in the smaller size. I think I’m finally ready to schedule my framing lesson.

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