Fully Committed

I placed a large order for framing supplies yesterday. It’s enough material to frame ten pieces each in 20×20 and 18×24, plus additional mats and foam core to mat/mount fifteen more in each size. That gives me 20 ready to hang and 30 more images that can be swapped in on short notice. I also ordered 1000 flyers online.

These are the relatively baby steps to trying to make a go of actually selling some of my work. Maybe I’ll just end up with a lot of things collecting dust in the basement. Worst case, our builder can borrow them three times a year to hang in their show homes. I just feel like I have to give it a shot.

Teal Dawn Breaking (After the Symphony)

I am trying to keep things simple and inexpensive. The frames are all thin black metal and the mats are white. The two sizes are large enough to be substantial, but not unmanageable to transport/store. I can always create two or three coordinating pieces to fill a space. Now I need to start creating a short list of potential images.

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