Official Stamp of Rejection

I received my formal thumbs down from Lenswork on Thursday. Shocking, I know. They sent me a long list of criticisms with the relevant ones check marked. Super personal. Since I had already received the video critique, it was hard to get too emotional about it.

These were my official dings: “This project appears to be based on a technical gimmick that wears thin after the first few images.” “A number of really terrific images, but the weaker ones don’t support the strong ones.” “Portfolio too repetitive; doesn’t explore the theme with enough depth or variety.” The third point was his primary, almost sole, criticism in the video critique.

I pondered the idea of submitting images in different color palettes for Seeing in Sixes, but I’m kind of in a fuck you mode right now. Let’s see how I feel down the road. Right now I’m busy sourcing materials for framing and continuing to experiment with color variations. A local artist is going to give me a lesson in framing techniques. He gave me a lot of good advice over the phone and I’ve been researching local and online options for frames, mats and backing.

Lavender Cloud Dancing (After the Symphony)

I’m calling my collection of new, color shifted images After the Symphony. Clever, right? The color manipulation is proving to be a bit trickier than I expected. But still I soldier on.

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