Trying to Get Some Focus

I spent a fair amount of time on the computer yesterday, going back through all of my sculpture raw images and making notes on ones I wanted to revisit. It was a surprising number. Now that I’ve opened my mind to creative cropping, image rotation, and color shifting, it seems I have a lot more usable options. I even fired up the printer from its month long sleep and did a couple of test runs.

The cat was a pain in the butt. He kept coming in and interrupting me, to the point where I needed to banish him and close the door. Which resulted in some truly heart wrenching meowing from the other side. Not that I can really blame him for my lack of focus.

It’s actually funny to talk about focus, when it’s something so clearly lacking in all of my abstract images. I’m just flailing a bit right now. I need a project. I looked through all of my tree images and I just didn’t feel that I had enough good raw material to build a cohesive, yet non-repetitive portfolio, if that makes any sense whatsoever. Now I’m dividing my time between experimenting with new raw images and manipulating the color of the original Symphony of Color ones.

Adagio (Blue Shifted)

While I almost always prefer the images in their original color, I am aware that a brilliant blue and neon orange color palette isn’t going to appeal to the majority. Especially people who are trying to match the artwork to their furniture. Consequently, I am experimenting with more soothing tones.

Adagio (Green Shifted and De-saturated)

Here are the some of the results of that manipulation. My early efforts were a little jarring, but I’m using selective de-saturation to smooth things out. If you want to compare back to the original, it was posted on 11/18. So far I’m sticking to manipulating via color balance and hue/saturation. My next step will be to try color replacement. We’ll see how that goes.

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