Back in the Saddle

After a break for massive house cleaning, Christmas, a family visit over New Year’s, and more house cleaning, I’m finally going to attempt getting back in the groove of posting on a more regular basis. We’ll see how it goes this time.

My creative output dropped to pretty much nothing over the past three weeks. It felt more like three months given all of the activity and chaos. I’m trying to get back to the art, if for no other reason to stifle the silence and sadness I feel looming in the house, now that my days don’t start with the shout of “Auntie Jacqueline!”

Untitled (Forest of the Macabre)

I’ve been accumulating images of trees and I need to start putting together an organized portfolio. The title I settled on is Forest of the Macabre, but I’m finding a couple of logical subsets that I’ve given the working titles of Fire and Ice. They consist of images made during sunset/sunrise and after a fresh snow. Original, right?

I consider them sufficiently different to warrant separate portfolios, although someone who feels my Symphony of Color portfolio was repetitive may beg to disagree. Speaking of which, I still have a lot of untapped opportunities in my raw images there. Plenty to keep me busy during the cold, quiet month of January.

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