Feedback is a Gift

I received my video feedback from Lenswork on Tuesday night. Short version, I’m definitely not going to be considered for publication. Long version, while he found each individual image to be strong, he felt the collection as a whole was repetitive. Why? Because I only used three color combinations. Uh, come again? This from a guy who put a dozen boring photos of aspen trees with yellow leaves in his own personal PDF publication. Not to mention selecting six images of waves crashing against the shore and six images of leaves frozen under ice for the 2017 issue of Seeing in Sixes.

I understand that creating a broader color palette makes the images more saleable/marketable and it was always my intention to do that. But to imply that the portfolio I submitted was repetitive, merely because it didn’t span the entire color wheel is beyond absurd. I guess that makes all black and white images of any single subject repetitive by definition. Sorry Ansel.

Untitled (Architecture as Art)

He also told me that abstract photographs are essentially unsaleable, since they appeal to such a limited audience. I’m looking forward to proving him wrong on that point.

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