Please Stand By

We now have less than two weeks remaining before our family comes to visit. Every day has a cleaning and organizing task. Our nightly soak in the hot tub takes a little of the sting out of the relentless physical exertion. Meanwhile, my technical difficulties continue. My photo file server is still offline, my desktop computer refuses to let me download anything and now my laptop won’t connect to the internet. I feel like the universe is telling me to stop posting.

I’m not sure why I feel such a strong need to do this every day. Is is because I stopped for six months and I’m afraid if I stop again it will be permanent? If I do suspend posting here, do I also stop putting photos out on Instagram? It’s not like I’m getting much traction there anyway. I typically get about 10 likes per photo (with a personal best of 22) and I’ve picked up a handful of followers. Several people have started following and then dropped within a few days when I didn’t follow back. There’s this weird culture around Instagram that I don’t really understand.

Untitled (Architecture as Art)

Well I skipped a day and the world didn’t end. Meanwhile, I found another technical workaround. It turns out that I can’t download when I’m logged on to my computer with the userid that accesses Creative Cloud. When I log on as plain old me, it works fine. Since my photo server is offline and I can’t access images, I don’t need Creative Cloud. So I’m back, at least for now.

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