The Marathon Continues

I’ve been trying really hard to post both here and on Instagram every day. I’m not sure how much longer I can keep that up. Beyond the sheer amount of “stuff” I need to get done every day and the constant obstacles, it can get a little frustrating. By obstacles, I mean things like the cat insisting on getting in between me and the keyboard. This morning he flopped down on my desk, knocked over my clock and almost pushed my ceramic mug pen holder to the floor. Then he sat up and bit me. Okay, more food, I get it.

I’ve also run into some technical obstacles in accessing my photo drive, which is located down in our server room. My husband is getting our network equipment organized, which has necessitated some outages. The photo server is subsequently not playing nice with my Windows 7 PC.  I tried downloading some of the photos I emailed to myself for posting to Instagram, but that’s not working for some reason. Yes, it’s an ugly workaround, but I’m desperate.

Untitled (Art as Art)

I finally got the download to work by switching to my laptop. That was a ridiculous amount of work for so little payoff. Hopefully my technical difficulties will be resolved soon.

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