Into the Studio

My work table spent a couple of nights in the hall, but Thursday morning we got it into the room by removing two of the legs. Thursday was a crazy day at our house. We had two electricians working to connect our long awaited Tesla Powerwalls, which required shutting off power to a section of the house for half the day. In addition, the shades we ordered for our guest suite and my husband’s office were installed. On days when we have work going on at the house I always end up feeling tired and stressed out, while not personally accomplishing anything.

On Thursday I also received a response from Lenswork on my portfolio submission. It was a generic reply, essentially stating that the work would be reviewed sometime in the next 60 days and would fall into one of three categories – Yes, No or Maybe. Yes and No are pretty self explanatory. Maybe means they’ll sit on it for a while and consider it in the next go around or two or three. It was all very polite, but boilerplate. So the waiting continues.

Untitled (Architecture as Art)

This is another one of my abstracts from class. Again, not 100% sure of the subject, but I think it was in the hallway of the building, so I’m going with architecture.

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