Exciting News

I mentioned yesterday that we rented a truck to move a few large items from our old house. Most importantly, we moved our old dining room table. Which is super exciting for me, because it’s going to be my photo studio work table. I’ve got a few ideas for tabletop photo projects that I’ve been looking forward to trying. Now that the table is here, I have no more excuses.

Except we couldn’t get it into the room. We were able to get it in the elevator by standing it on one end, but the doorway to my studio is just a little too narrow to maneuver the table through. The problem is a close wall on one side in the hall and a close wall on the opposite side in the room. Normally you’d remove the door in a situation like this, but we have solid wood doors that are eight feet high. That thing is not coming off the hinges.  

Untitled (Art as Art)

One of the joys and sometimes frustrations of abstract photography is that you quickly forget what served as the original source material. When I first looked at this image, I was sure it was an architectural detail. But in going back and reviewing the surrounding raw images, I’m pretty sure it’s the same sculpture I featured yesterday. Pure magic.

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