Synchronicity or Laziness?

When I presented Symphony of Color, I posted one image each day on Instagram and followed up with a blog post of the same image. I guess you could consider Instagram the “first look,” with the blog spinning out a bit of the story. I ended up having a two day lag, because I spent a weekend overhauling my blog before starting to post.

They say that you should use multiple social media channels to reinforce your “brand” or “message,” but I’m doing it more out of sheer laziness. I can’t be finding two different images to post every day. So I’m just going to continue the trend of following up every Instagram post with a blog post featuring the same image.

Untitled (Architecture as Art)

This new captioning option really brings up my issue with creating titles for images. I’ve got ideas for a couple of new portfolios that build on work I started in my abstract class. Yesterday’s image was an abstract of another work of art (Art as Art). Today’s is an abstract of an architectural detail (Architecture as Art). I can’t be bothered with titles until/unless I actually get enough cohesive images to create a portfolio. So be prepared for a lot of Untitled images over the next few weeks.

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