So Now What?

Over the past 25 days I have chronicled my artistic journey and the creation of Symphony of Color. In addition to the Lenswork submission, I entered the portfolio in the KelbyOne Gallery contest. That was a breeze – name, contact information and a link to the portfolio online. The selection will be announced January 9th. The winner gets a solo exhibition at the KelbyOne Gallery in Florida. Again, putting it out there with no big expectations.

Meanwhile, I talked with our home builder about featuring some of my artwork in one of their model homes. So I’ll need to provide some framed pieces to them in February. I’m also starting to put together some images for my creepy tree portfolio. I can’t say my renewed posting to Instagram has garnered much attention, but at least I’m making an effort.

Untitled (Art as Art)

I’m not sure how much new work I’m going to be producing, since we have family coming to visit in less than three weeks and there’s a ton of work to be done around the house. So I’m going to post some images from my summer abstract class. There’s not enough to make a portfolio, just a few random selections from the general heading of Art and Architecture.

I just updated the WordPress version on this blog and they completely changed the interface. It uses “blocks” to give more control on the look of posts. I love how it allows me to caption and better feature photographs, which usually ended up looking awkward pasted in the middle of text. So of course I had to go back and update my last 25 posts. Maybe I won’t need that web minion after all.

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