First, the Self Publishing

After I finished the online updates, it was getting pretty close to Thanksgiving and many retailers started offering online sales. One of those was Adoramapix, my favorite site for photo books. So naturally I took advantage of the sale and put together a book. As I was creating it, I realized some inconsistency in my titles.

Only one consisted of two words, which looked jarring in the layout. So yesterday’s image was renamed. Sort of a shame, because I really liked Molto Vivace, it just rolls off the tongue. Another image was originally named Accent. While it is a musical term, it’s not Italian and it looked out of place in the layout. Accent became Arioso. The outliers now dispensed with, I pulled the trigger and ordered two copies of the book with my 20% off discount.


This is one of three images where I performed a judicious bit of cloning to strengthen the composition. Can you tell what part is digital wizardry?

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