Getting it Online

Once I had all of my images oriented and named, I started posting them on Instagram. I had pretty much abandoned Instagram nearly a year ago, with the exception of a brief spate of posts in October that featured a few of my abstract images. Then I set to updating my much neglected blog.

I started telling the story of how I got to this point and soon realized my blog looked old and sad. So I spent the better part of the weekend refreshing it. Then I needed to do the same for my SmugMug site with all of my photos. I put everything directly into the blog, bypassing the top level domain of my JustJacque site. The top level page is hideous, but I lack the technical skills to fix that. WordPress I can handle.


If I actually make any money from photography, maybe I’ll hire a web minion to do a more professional job, but for now I’ll muddle through. This image was originally titled Molto Vivace but I renamed it Oratorio. More on that tomorrow.

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