The Name Game

I was happy to land on the relatively even split between horizontal and vertical compositions, as it just seemed more balanced to me. I sacrificed a lot of pixels by cutting a few of the horizontals in half, but I can still make a high quality print at 17×22 from that and I can’t really imagine going much bigger.

Now that all of my creations were properly oriented, they needed names. Since the overall portfolio title references music, it only seemed fitting to using musical terms. Which sound so much nicer in Italian. So I immediately set out to googling Italian musical terms. Most of them turned out to be quite lovely.


I did try to match the words to the images, as much as possible, rather than randomly assigning them.  In general, I tried to use the words I found prettier to the images I like better.  Please don’t tell Arioso, but this is probably my least favorite image in the portfolio.

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