Next Steps

I have a portfolio, so now what? I mentioned before that my goal was to submit the images to Lenswork magazine. The name for the entire portfolio, Symphony of Color, came to me while I was working on the images during class, but I still needed to name each individual image. More importantly, I needed to determine each one’s orientation.

What I discovered while working with the physical printed copies was that that some of the images looked better “upsidedown” or “sideways.” So horizontals became verticals and vice versa. I laid all 25 prints out on one of our kitchen islands and considered them from every direction. I hesitated over a few and texted options to Jane for feedback. Unsurprisingly, we agreed pretty much every time. #soulsisters


In the end I had 13 horizontals and 12 verticals. None of the compositions came out of my camera as a vertical. Cabaletta is actually half of a horizontal composition.

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