It Does Not Disappoint

We managed to exit the class at 12:30, and after picking up a couple of pies to take home to our respective husbands, were well on our way out of Two Harbours before 1:00.  The roads had been cleared of the morning snow and it was smooth sailing all the way back to Minneapolis. We met our goal of being home before dark.

While it had its ups and downs, overall the class was a huge success for me. I got what I needed out of it, while not letting the overbearing instructor get into my head. Bonus points, I subverted two of the other participants into printing blurry abstracts before the end of the class. I’m sure the instructor thought I was driving the whole class into the ditch. I loved it.


Now I have my first official portfolio with a nice set of 8×10 prints and two frame worthy pieces. So what happens next? The saga continues.

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