Final Answer

Despite his admonishment about people still using the printer for 8×10, it quickly became apparent (even to the instructor) that most of the class was socializing or just messing around in Photoshop. I was just about to sit down and enjoy my slice of Betty’s Pie, when I got the word that we could start printing the large size. Finally! It was 11:30 and I was mindful of our planned departure at noon.

I fired up my first 17×22 and sat down to enjoy my pie while my creation came to life on the printer. All of our printing was done on matte paper, with a slightly higher grade used for the large prints. Seeing my work on matte paper was a revelation. Seeing it on matte paper in 17×22 was mind blowing.


If you want to refer back to the two images I printed in large sizes, check my posts from November 20th and 24th. Meanwhile, enjoy Capriccio.

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