Let’s Get to the Good Stuff

After the less than relevant lesson on black and white conversion, I quickly busied myself getting my last three images printed out. Then, to fill time, I worked on a few raw files I had created while we were at the cabin. Our cabin sat right on the shore of Lake Superior and I had spent some time photographing the lake and the trees outside the window. Super creepy, blurry stuff, naturally.

I printed some of those as well, and then sat through a not very useful, but mercifully short lesson on matting and framing. Because a deckled edge works really well on modern abstracts. (Sarcasm alert) I was anxious to get my two big prints going, but was admonished by the instructor that people were still printing 8×10. Cue foot tapping.


I just couldn’t wait to see what my creations looked like at a large scale.

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