The Hardest Part

I plowed through the Lenswork submission form over the course of several hours. Maybe I didn’t answer all of the questions completely seriously. Humorless artistic pondering isn’t really my style. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea of calling myself an artist at all. But I did it. I answered all of the questions, even the not required ones, and I pulled the trigger the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I even ponied up for the $25 video feedback.

So then the waiting begins. How long will it be until they respond? A quick rejection with a formulaic response? If it takes longer, does it mean they really considered me? I tried to put an optimistic, but realistic face on it. What was the probability that such an esteemed publication would feature a middle aged retiree with zero artistic cred? Was I just deluding myself?

Verismo is the 25th and final entry in the portfolio. This one makes me think of an impressionistic landscape, with grass in the foreground and a single cloud over a deep blue sea. It makes me happy.

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