Crazy Lady in Target

We needed to get a few things from Target and didn’t have a chance to stop yesterday. Since Saturday at Target is always a shit show, we decided to go early this morning. Not early enough, apparently, since there were a disturbingly large number of cars in the parking lot less than twenty minutes after they opened.

I only needed a few things, so I largely stood by the cart, browsing on my phone while my husband did his shopping. From several aisles away, I could hear a woman holding a loud, one sided conversation with some hapless team member. She’s a fixtures at this particular Target on Saturday mornings. I felt sorry for her captive audience.

As I am standing by the cart talking to my husband, shaking our heads over this craziness, a woman approaches us and starts talking about the crazy lady. If she had just made a comment and walked on, I would have thought nothing of it. But she kept talking and sharing a lot of personal information, including showing me a photo of herself before she lost a tremendous amount of weight.

My husband beat a hasty retreat to continue shopping, but I had to stick by the cart, nodding along to this woman’s dialogue. She finally wandered off. As we headed to check out, we couldn’t help but wonder how she failed to see the irony in criticizing someone else for crazy talk and how long it would be before she was the one yelling at team members on a Saturday morning. Maybe she’s just waiting for the current crazy lady to die, so she can assume the crown.

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