We’re in the Show

As I’ve mentioned previously, our new home is supposed to be featured in an upcoming home tour, hence the remarkable progress being made recently. I’ve checked the tour’s website a number of times and only found the list/profiles of the featured builders/remodelers. Until yesterday.

There’s now an online brochure for the tour, as well as web pages for each of the featured homes. So, I guess that definitively answers the question as to whether or not our house will be done by June 8th. Spoiler alert – it actually won’t be done done. It will be done enough for the occupancy permit and to look good for show, but there will still be work remaining.

There’s a triage process and things that don’t absolutely need to be done for the show won’t be done. Things like our roof deck and sauna, both of which were called out in the description of the house. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, apparently. I thought I would be excited when the brochure came out, instead I find myself annoyed and a little bit terrified.

Annoyed because of the errors and some grammatically awkward sentences in the description, and terrified because there’s still so much work left to be done. I’m hoping to get to the excited stage in the near future.

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