Gaining Speed

At various points during our new home construction, we were told that “things are going to start moving really fast now.” Never happened. There were brief bursts of rapid activity, but nothing sustained. Now, with less than six weeks remaining until the Artisan Home Tour, there is truly a flurry of activity. It’s about time.

Our cabinets were delivered, almost completely filling our enormous garage. Day by day, more of them are being installed. Meanwhile, drywall finish work is nearly done and priming/painting is in progress. Outside, final grading was done between the house and workshop. Then they needed to pause, as the ground on the north side of the house still contained frost. The landscapers started last week and finished our first segment of gabion wall in a few days.

The basalt landing outside of the front door and some of the basalt treads were installed. The remainder need to wait for the metal section of the staircase to be fabricated. Speaking of staircases, the installation of our interior one started today. It came like a massive flat pack piece of furniture from Ikea. They had to install a pulley on the ceiling of the stair tower to install it. The elevator installation also started yesterday.

It’s beyond gratifying to see significant progress when we stop by every day. The house is large enough to accommodate multiple crews working without getting in each other’s way. Parking is becoming a bit of an issue, though. Most of the time we have to settle for a spot at the end of the block. It’s a small price to pay.

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