Spring Came

IT HIT 60 DEGREES TODAY. Finally, finally, spring has made its long overdue appearance. I was astonished to look out the window and see my daylilies bravely poking their heads up through the snow. The foot of white stuff we received less than a week ago is vanishing at break neck speed. It can’t be gone soon enough for me.

I’d like to say we took a break after our grueling Phoenix trip, but that would be a blatant lie. There are way too many house tasks remaining. Tuesday we went shopping. First we visited a carpet store to look for a rug to put under our pool table. My (cheap) fervent hope was that we’d find a nice remnant we could have bound. Instead, we found a “meh” remnant and so we ended up ordering a custom carpet rug that was much nicer and (sigh) more expensive.

Then we went to look at mattresses and (of course) ended up buying the top of the line from Tempur-Pedic. At least we ticked a couple more items off the list. Another accomplishment this week – I filed our revised stormwater management maintenance declaration at the county recorder’s office. I had a moment of panic when the person behind the desk pointed out that our names shouldn’t have been crammed onto a tiny line on the form by the notary. I was terrified he would make me return with a corrected version.

Fortunately, he took pity on me and accepted it after lecturing me on the proper way to fill out the form. Almost made it worth the $21 I had to pay for 38 minutes of parking in a ramp. Almost. I practically sprinted to the watershed district office to hand in my receipt. Less than seven weeks until the home tour now.

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