Getting Ridiculous Now

We just needed one more day. If the weather could have held off until Saturday afternoon, everything would have been just fine. We could have finished the last little bit of unloading, cleaned out the truck and returned it by noon. But, no. Instead we had to park the truck in the driveway and let the snow fall on and around it. Watching helplessly as the blizzard raged all around us.

Normally the weather doesn’t get to me that much. But a blizzard in the middle of April? This is just so far beyond ridiculous. Minnesota will not cut us a break. By Sunday morning over ten inches had fallen and the drifts were up to two feet in spots. We shoveled out the giant mound in front of the truck and then I cleaned out the inside. My husband parked it on the street and we waited for the rest of our driveway to get plowed, so I could get my car out.

Our plow guy didn’t show up until almost 5:30 and by then it was too late to return the truck. So we parked it back in the driveway. Snow continued to fall into the evening, putting the official total over a foot and making it the snowiest April on record, with 23.5 inches for the month. We were finally able to return the rental truck this morning, thus putting Phoenix totally to rest. What a relief.

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