Friday the 13th

You’d think we’d be allowed to kick back and relax a bit after all our efforts over the last week. Not just yet. We did get a full night’s sleep in our own comfy bed, which was a plus, but then we had to pick up the Ripster from boarding. He seems to be doing better when we board him now, but he was still very clingy when we got home. After a few hours of quality time, we left to check on our new home progress and meet with our builder.

We arrived to find 8 vehicles parked outside and no one working in the house. It turns out they were all having lunch in the workshop. A massive crew of drywallers, taping and mudding all over the house. Two of our garage doors were installed while we were gone. They were ordered incorrectly (silver metal instead of black) but needed to be installed anyway because our cabinets were being stored in the garage. The basalt for our front steps and landing was also delivered. The drywall progress over the last week was impressive.

After the meeting we ran for a quick late lunch (tacos) before dropping the Tesla off for its annual service. Then home for a quiet evening with the fur baby. Today was even busier. A big winter storm is forecast to start tonight, so in addition to our separate errands, we both took turns unloading more things from the truck. The day ended with a trip to the tax accountant. Afterwards, we stocked up on food for the weekend and got home before the heavy weather started.

On the plus side, I never even had time to think about the whole “Friday the 13th” thing. Not that I’m very superstitious. We are well supplied with food and alcohol, so we don’t have to leave the house this weekend, during Minnesota’s (hopefully) last laugh for the winter. We also have a 20 foot truck parked in our driveway that still needs a few more things unloaded from it. It’s supposed to be returned by 9:00 am on Monday. Not sure how that’s going to happen.

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