So That’s Done

Starting our journey from Phoenix to Minneapolis at 1:20 in the afternoon, after a morning of relatively strenuous effort, was obviously less than optimal. Not that we had a choice. The truck was loud, uncomfortable and underpowered. The altitude and elevation we encountered during the first leg of the journey were killers. Despite keeping the gas pedal on the floor, there were times when maintaining 50 MPH was nearly impossible. No cruise control either.

When we reached Tucumcari NM at 1:40 am, after nearly 11 1/2 hours of driving, we called it quits. The normal drive time for this stretch is less than 9 hours, just for comparison. We didn’t get much sleep (maybe 4 hours), but just being able to lie down in bed for a stretch was enormously refreshing. After eating and gassing up, we were back on the road at 8:00 am. The tentative plan was to stop again north of Kansas City (around 8:00 pm) or Des Moines (around midnight), based on how my husband felt.

Did I mention that I married Iron Man? Despite the grueling driving conditions, he wasn’t tired enough to stop again. So we plowed through and arrived home at 4:00 am this morning, after 20 straight hours of driving. We unloaded the paintings and called it quits. I finally crawled into bed at 5:00 am. Now we just have to unload the rest of the truck and we’re done.

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