PHX in the Rear View Mirror

No doubt about it, yesterday sucked. We couldn’t pick up the truck until 9:30 because, Sunday. Then we needed to run to Lowe’s and pick up more rigid foam sheets. By the time we got to the storage locker it was 11:30 and getting close to 90 degrees outside. We loaded up a trolley and headed out to the truck, only to discover that the padlock from our storage locker wasn’t large enough to use on the truck. So my husband walked to a nearby Walgreen’s to purchase a larger one.

He found one that would work for the short-term task of securing the truck between loads, but would obviously need to be replaced before we could leave the truck unattended. It took two hours to completely empty our storage locker and secure everything in the truck. Then we needed to head to a hardware store and purchase a better padlock. It took two tries to get one that fit. We picked up sandwiches and drove home to eat. By the time we started loading again it was 4:00. We called it quits after four hours, because we could no longer see well enough to load safely.

I set the alarm for 6:00, but was awake before 5:00. After making coffee, I packed the last of the kitchen items and anxiously awaited the sunrise so we could begin loading again. I had to leave at 10:30, for an appointment at CarMax. The truck was pretty much loaded at that point, but we still had stuff in the house to deal with. So my husband kept working after I took off. He ended up leaving the house at 12:20, about 15 minutes after escrow closed and we were officially supposed to vacate. He missed running into the new owners by less than 30 minutes.

I know this because they managed to set off the alarm again when they went into the house. Our real estate agent called me as I was waiting for my check at CarMax. Fortunately I had discontinued monitoring today. I stood up with my check and looked out to see my husband had just parked the truck outside. Talk about perfect timing. Now we just need to get through the 30 hour drive home.

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