So Very Many Pillows

We had a follow-up shopping excursion yesterday. This time the focus was on outdoor furniture, bedding, bath and pillows. So many, many pillows. You could buy a very nice camera lens for what we ended up spending on pillows. Yes, decorative pillows are crazy expensive. I’ve never been willing to spend serious money on pillows before, but having destroyed our third or fourth round of cheap pillows in Phoenix, I figured it was about time.

I had browsed the R&B website in advance and wasn’t super impressed with the bedding/bath/pillow selection. Or the outdoor furniture. So I didn’t go in with the thought that we would be selecting a whole lot. Of course, I was wrong. We did some scouting at a couple of stores on Monday afternoon, just for comparison. Then the snow started. By the time we ventured out on Tuesday for our appointment, there were at least seven inches on the ground and it was continuing to come down.

So the store was dead. Our designer spent the morning assembling pillow vignettes for our approval. We did some tweaking, but for the most part we went with his suggestions. Bedding pretty much went the same way, although I drew the line at sheets. I buy all of our sheets at Costco and we’ve been very happy with them, at half the price of designer ones. The designer was totally fine with that. By the time we finished, the entire house was wrapped up. Tomorrow we shift gears and head back to Phoenix to wrap things up there.

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