Well that was crazy. We ordered almost all of the furniture for our new house in the last 24 hours. How did that happen? Late Friday afternoon we received an email from our builder. Apparently, they had been working very diligently behind the scenes on getting a local retailer to provide furniture to stage our new home and give us a discount on anything we purchased.

In one way they struck out and in another way they struck gold. They didn’t find a store willing to stage, but they did find a store willing to give us a discount for anything we purchased. Let us refer to it as Rude&Bored (R&B). This is something along the lines of discovering a unicorn, as R&B does not have sales nor do they give discounts to designers. You pay full price or wait until something goes on clearance and take your chances in the outlet store.

Of course we jumped all over the opportunity and went to the store to meet with a design associate. I expected to have a long conversation about what pieces we needed and some preliminary viewing/shopping. Instead, we dove right in and selected everything we needed for our living room (2 sofas, 2 chairs, coffee table and rug). We also made plans to meet this morning at the house and walk him through it, then head back to the store for more shopping.

We spent 90 minutes at the house and, after a quick stop for lunch, met at the store. Four hours later, we were making a huge down payment on a huge order. The only significant items we didn’t order were the study desk and our master bed (both of which my husband will be making) plus our mattress. We also tapped out on patio furniture. So we are going back next Tuesday afternoon after we have a chance to recharge. What a whirlwind.

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