Sometimes it Snows in April

Minnesota has a wicked sense of humor when it comes to the weather. Despite my ardent plea for warm, dry weather, we are currently getting socked with snow. It started just after noon yesterday and continued on and off all day. Then it started up again early this morning. They are predicting 3-6 inches before the snow finally ends. Pretty funny, Minnesota. You are killing me.

I’m trying really hard not to freak out about how this is impacting the house. Final grading can’t take place until the ground thaws and a blanket of snow followed by cold temps just delays the thawing. We’re running 10-15 degrees below normal right now. Meanwhile, interior work continues at pace. The garage floor epoxy is finished, so all of the concrete in the basement is now complete. It looks amazing.

The drywallers were back on Monday and had finished the crow’s nest and all of the second floor ceilings. They were starting on the walls when we arrived at 3:00 yesterday. At this rate they should be done hanging by tomorrow. We met the two guys who do the more skilled work – the shadow line along the floor and the area where the drywall meets the trim. They are starting work today.

Now we go into a month of tape/mud/sand/repeat, so the house will be a dusty mess. I’m guessing that’s why they wanted to get the basement floors done. Meanwhile, our garage doors are coming “soon” and the cabinets are supposed to be delivered within the next two weeks. They can’t be installed yet, so they’ll be stored in the garage. Just over nine weeks to go now.

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