Moving Into High Gear

The weather wasn’t great, but we sucked it up and managed to get in a walk yesterday afternoon. We took an extended break at the turnaround point, when we stopped to visit with our friend who was taking some measurements outside of his new home. It ended up sprinkling on us during the second half of the walk.

This was after my husband spent three hours at our new house, giving a tour to my uncle. He happens to live nearby and drives past our home almost daily, so he’s been very interested in the progress. By the time we finished our walk and headed to the house together for our daily check-in, it was after 4:00. I was elated and somewhat terrified to see that the second delivery of drywall was in progress.

The basement and main floor drywall was hung almost two weeks ago and I had been anxiously awaiting for the rest of the drywall to arrive so that work could continue. It was supposed to come last week and then Monday and then Tuesday. I was started to despair. They had finished unloading one truck and were nearly done with the second when we arrived. The terrifying part was watching them lift it with a crane and pull it in through the window.

The siding guys have been hard at it for the past week. They’ve put up all of the Hardie on the house and the workshop. Yesterday they were working on the shiplap inside the conservatory. It looks awesome. When we returned today, they were just wrapping up work. The only areas of siding left are a few small metal sections and the vertical shiplap next to the front door. Now we just need warm and dry weather so the landscape work can get started.

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