The Long Drive

The six days I spent in Phoenix ranks as the most physically and mentally exhausting period of my life. At the end I got to fly home, First Class. My husband preceded my arrival by four days and was now faced with a thirty plus hour drive home, pulling a trailer. So I got off easy. By the time I left for the airport at 4:30, it was obvious my husband was in no shape to start the drive.

Instead, he parked the car and trailer back on the street and finished cleaning up a few things around the house. After eating, he took a hot bath and crawled into bed around 8:30 pm. He woke up early the next morning and was on the road by 4:30 am. I was able to track his progress via his iPhone. Gotta love technology. I wanted to make the drive with him, but we also wanted to minimize the amount of time we needed to board Ripley. Given how much his departure ended up getting delayed, we made the right choice.

I ran by our new house Tuesday morning, before picking up Ripley from boarding. As usual, he was a little clingy and needy. So other than a few essential tasks (taking my mom to her orthopedic appointment and helping our friend get his Xterra off our patio to make room for my husband’s Xterra) I spent most of the day being a playmate and nap pad for our little fur baby.

My husband intended to make at least one overnight stop on his journey. But, it turns out that sitting and driving is a lot more restful than what he was doing for the previous ten days, so he never really felt tired enough to stop. He pulled in just after noon today, approximately 31 1/2 hours after starting. Now we get to unload and find somewhere to put all this stuff.

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