Front Row at the Shit Show

It wasn’t bad enough that we had tickets to the shit show, we were seated in the poncho section. Everything seemed to be conspiring against us. First, my flight to Phoenix Tuesday night was late. Not because of an issue with Delta, but because the Phoenix airport had a runway shut down due to construction, so they were delaying inbound flights. When I finally arrived at the airport just after 11:00pm, it was a total zoo. My husband was waiting in the cell phone lot and he said people were trolling for spaces.

I spent Wednesday packing while my husband patched and painted walls. Thursday afternoon we went to pick up the rental trailer. Then we headed to a home improvement store to pick up some pick sheets of styrofoam insulation that I would be using to protect the paintings. We took the only through road to get there and the traffic was horrific. We soon found out why, the road was completely shut down about two miles from our destination. No warning, no signs, just flares and a couple of cops standing there and not bothering to direct the chaos as vehicles lunged to the left or right.

We caught a break on Friday, as the road resurfacing for our condo complex that had been scheduled for that day got postponed until March. It saved us because our alternate plan to park the trailer in the garage Thursday night turned out to be impossible as the trailer was roughly an inch too tall to clear the garage door. Early Friday morning there were a couple of dumpster divers in a broken down truck parked in our lot most of the morning. After they left we parked the trailer and loaded the less valuable/fragile items.

The original plan was for my husband to leave Friday morning. We quickly realized that wasn’t going to give us enough time, so we delayed it to Saturday and then Sunday. Everything took longer than we thought. I had to pack 25 paintings and each one took at least 30 minutes. Meanwhile, my husband ended up having to paint the entire garage because the touch-ups were glaringly obvious, giving the walls the look of a bad rash.

Our meals consisted entirely of food delivered from one of two nearby pizza/Italian restaurants, with the exception of one nice dinner at our favorite fish place on Thursday. By this morning, it became apparent that we would not be able to get the trailer loaded and my husband on the road today. I had a quick dinner with a friend and brought him back a sandwich to eat while I packed the last couple of paintings. Tomorrow I fly home. Not sure how we’re going to get this finished.

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