From Hot to Cold

I’ve never been so happy to get out of the warmth and sunshine and return to the bitter cold. Nothing like three days of non-stop dusk to dawn cleaning, organizing and packing to make you feel like you had a real vacation. We managed to get through pretty much everything in the garage yesterday. I hauled eight big trash bags to the dumpster and several more to the recycle bin.

Midway through the purge, I got a call from my mom. She had tripped and fallen going into her house and ended up calling a neighbor to take her to urgent care. Turns out she fractured her elbow. I’m ashamed to admit I spent most of the call moaning about how shitty our week here had been. I just ended up making her feel guilty about hurting herself. I’m a total heel.

This morning I took three big bags to charity. Normally I would box those things, but I am scrounging every box I can find to pack up our stuff. I’m not too proud to admit I salvaged a flattened box from the street. I wish there had been some good ones in our recycle bin.

Our flight home was on time, the car started when we got to long term parking at MSP and our driveway had been plowed when we arrived at home. That’s the best day we’ve had in a week. So, despite the barely above zero temp outside, I’m happy to be home.

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