Well, One Thing Went Right

It’s been a rough couple of days. Wednesday afternoon we took our Xterra to the dealership to get whatever was tripping the “check engine” light repaired. Early Thursday morning we found out just how much that was going to cost. So much that they made my husband come back in and pay a deposit before they would order the parts.

Then on Friday afternoon we met with a real estate agent to talk about listing our house here. We found out that not only is it worth less than we thought, but she highly recommended we get it listed by March 1st. Gulp. Right after we finished that meeting, the dealership called to tell us the Xterra was ready to be picked up.

So we do the car shuffle and then head to a late lunch followed by a much needed gas stop. Meanwhile, I get a call from our builder following up on an email they had sent a few hours earlier regarding our flooring. One of the estimates was nearly double what they projected, so they were scrambling to come up with more cost effective alternatives. Unfortunately, nothing they proposed would save much and it would compromise the aesthetics of the house.

It wasn’t really a happy phone call. There might have been some harsh words exchanged. Meanwhile, we were driving the car around to get some miles on it before taking it back for the emissions test. My husband went to do just that today, while I spent a few hours taking everything out of our storage locker so we could pull out the hardwood doors we salvaged from my dad’s house when it was demolished. The only good news – the Xterra passed the emissions test and we can now renew the tabs. Finally, one small victory.

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