Don’t Drink and Shave

Monday morning we dropped the furry little beast off at the kitty condo for his boarding stay. Our flight to Phoenix was yesterday morning, so naturally I spent all day Monday power cleaning while we were temporarily cat-free. I actually accomplished more than I thought I would, so I was feeling pretty smug about it. I waited until after dinner to shower, since I knew the cleaning would leave me sweaty. Of course I had some wine with dinner, so by the time I got into the shower, I was feeling no pain.

Until I shaved my legs and learned an important lesson. It’s a really bad idea to shave after drinking. One half-assed swipe at the back of my calf left a trail of blood running down my leg. I never knew that a razor could qualify as heavy equipment. I won’t make that mistake again. It looks like really bad road rash. I guess I should be glad it’s too cold for shorts in Phoenix right now.

Speaking of Phoenix, we got to watch a drug bust in the parking lot of our condo complex right after we arrived. At first it just looked like a resident reporting an abandoned vehicle to the police, something that’s happened before. Nope, there were two people apparently living in the car and we later saw both of them handcuffed and sitting on the curb with what looked like a crack pipe on the hood of the car.

It made for an awkward exit from our garage when we left to head for the DMV. The police officer very nicely asked if he needed to move his SUV for us to get out. We just noped right out of there. Our first errand of the trip was obtaining a temporary permit for our Xterra so we can get it repaired and emissions tested without risking a ticket for expired tabs. That proved to be relatively quick and painless. Let’s hope it’s setting the tone for the rest of the trip.

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