Last Black & White for 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, I’ve got just a few more images to share from the year. Today it’s some black and whites from the Como Conservatory. My mom and I never did get back for the holiday flower show, but I looked at the description for the winter flower show and it sounds interesting. So we may need to hit that later in January. Right now it’s just too cold to go anywhere.

I’d really love to get out and do more winter photography, but I’m not ambitious enough to face the bitter cold temps. What I need is a fresh coat of snow, followed by 25 degrees and sunshine. Is that asking for too much? Right now, apparently yes. The overnight low was -14 and the “high” is supposed to be -4. Tomorrow’s forecast is the same. I’m not planning to set foot outside until the temperature is back above zero. Brrrrr.

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