Black and White in the ‘Hood

Today’s offering is a random selection of black and white images, all taken close to home, within a few days of each other. The first one was shot near Lake Harriet, but it could have been anywhere.

This image was taken out of our kitchen window. By any standard, it’s incredibly flawed – lens flare, haze, and yet, I really like it although I can’t explain why. It looks good in color as well.

This is a random dead leaf on a tree across the street from our friend’s house. Again, this is one that looks good in color as well, although the leaf seems to glow more in the black and white version, which is weird when you think about it. Mostly I try not to think about these things too much, as it spoils the magic for me. Because there’s so much magic in a dead leaf.

The image below is a reflection in Minnehaha Creek, taken from the pedestrian bridge we cross when doing our neighborhood walks.

The final image is from our backyard. When I’m feeling like I have nothing to photograph, I look at images like these. They are all simple things captured within a few miles of home. Beauty is everywhere.


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