Off the Grid Experiment

Not everything I try photographically is successful. In fact, I’d argue that I have a lot more failures than successes. I just don’t share the failures. Usually. A big part of failing is learning, though.

I wouldn’t put these images into the successful category, but I found them intriguing and I’ve filed the idea away for future exploration. What are they, anyway? They are very out-of-focus images of an outdoor metal table with a grid pattern of holes.

I liked the look and experimented with varying degrees of blurriness. Normally you get this sort of effect from small out-of-focus lights. (Think Christmas tree) Because the table was dark and the ground underneath it was lit by the sun, it worked in a similar fashion.

I like it, but the resulting images were pretty ‘meh.’ It needs something else, either in front of or behind the bokeh. But hey, not everything’s a home run here. I’ll definitely experiment with this again.

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