It’s Been Handled

I came home yesterday afternoon and found that my husband had reattached the handle on our door to the garage, sans the latch. So I’m feeling a little less like white trash today, which is nice.

I’m featuring three final images from our photo walk back in October. The first two obviously work well together and I wish I had a third that did. But, alas, no. It’s not that I don’t like the third image, it’s just totally different. This happens to me a lot, actually, where I end up wishing for a third image to fit the theme. I could have just featured two, I know. But as the end of the year approaches, I’m trying to empty the folder.

So it’s two reeds and one tree for today. I just finished the last of my online Christmas shopping today, a few more stocking stuffers for my husband that will be coming Amazon Prime. I’m having a hard time accepting that Christmas Eve is just over a week away, but I’m ready.

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