Oops, Never Mind

I ended up bailing on the Como Conservatory yesterday. We got a dusting of snow, followed by a little freezing drizzle, and it made the roads just shitty enough that I didn’t feel like doing that much driving. Instead, I just went to my mom’s house and took her out to lunch at a nearby restaurant.

But first, I had to get out of the house, which proved to be trickier than you might expect. When I went to turn the handle of the door from our house to the garage, nothing happened. The handle moved, but the door latch didn’t. Just another thing in our current home that decided to break before we make our escape.

In the essence of time I went out the front door and opened the garage via the keypad. My husband’s a pretty handy guy, so I assumed he would come up with a solution within a day or so. Since he had an appointment yesterday afternoon, he was gone when I came home and I wasn’t sure whether I would have a path in through the garage or if I would have to use the front door again.

His short-term solution made me laugh. When I came home I found the door handle was gone and I could just push the door open. It turns out that the latch is truly broken, but the door has a deadbolt and there’s no lock in the handle, so he’s just planning to replace the handle without the latch. We’ll still be able to open and lock the door, which is all we really need short-term. The house has not thwarted us yet. Today’s photos are of cedar waxwings. Just because.

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