Back to the Conservatory

Despite the fall flower display being less than impressive, my mom and I enjoyed our visit to the Como Conservatory so much that we are heading back to view the Christmas display today.

For one thing, poinsettias definitely beat out mums when it comes to making an impressive display. But, more importantly, it’s a much needed boost to smell flowers and be surrounded by greenery.







As I mentioned previously, my favorite place was the lush and (relatively) cool fern room. Newly emerging fern leaves are favorite subject matter. I even had a decent percentage of keepers in this space.

I had much better luck than I did photographing ferns at the Arboretum in the spring. Go figure. So, in honor of today’s upcoming visit, I’m featuring these beauties from the fern room.

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  1. OMG. So beautiful. The curves, the soft green of the background – quiet and sensual in a way. Stunning.

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