Just a Bunch of Weird Stuff

The hell with photo themes! Sometimes I need to throw a bunch of weird stuff out into the universe, just to see what sticks.

First up, a completely out of focus image of sea and sky, taken from the veranda of our cabin on the cruise ship in Alaska.

Then I have a slightly out of focus image of leaves and branches, taken from a park in Vancouver.

Next is another blurry tree from the same park, this time it’s a pine.

Oh shit, more trees, this time from the Butchart Gardens. I used the “zoom while you shoot” gimmick to get some crazy rays of light.

OMFG, more trees. These were along our brutal hike up to the Tea House and they are blurred by panning while shooting. So I guess I do have a theme of weird tree photos from Canada, except for the first image. Even when I don’t try to have a theme, I end up with one. Sigh.

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  1. I like all of these, but the first one, the one where you zoomed and then the panning image are my favorites from this group.

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